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Amy MacDonald - A Curious Thing [Deluxe Edition]
Категория: A, Альбомы
Amy MacDonald - A Curious Thing [Deluxe Edition]

Альбом: Amy MacDonald - A Curious Thing [Deluxe Edition]
Год выхода: 2010
Жанр: Folk rock, soft rock
Звук: .mp3 [320 kbps Stereo]
Размер: 265.86 Мб

Standard Edition CD1
1. "Don't Tell Me That It's Over"
2. "Spark"
3. "No Roots"
4. "Love Love"
5. "An Ordinary Life"
6. "Give It All Up"
7. "My Only One"
8. "This Pretty Face"
9. "Troubled Soul"
10. "Next Big Thing"
11. "Your Time Will Come"
12. "What Happiness Means to Me / Dancing in the Dark" (hidden track)

Deluxe edition CD2
1. "Poison Prince"
2. "Youth Of Today"
3. "L.A."
4. "Footballer's Wife"
5. "Mr Rock & Roll"
6. "Mr Brightside" (written by The Killers)
7. "The Road To Home"
8. "This Is The Life"
9. "Run"
10. "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
11. "Let's Start A Band"
12. "Caledonia"
13. "Fairy Tale Of New York"
14. "Barrowland Ballroom"

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