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R. Kelly - R. Kelly
Категория: R, Альбомы
R. Kelly - R. Kelly

Альбом: R. Kelly - R. Kelly
Год выхода: 1995
Жанр: R&B, soul, hip hop
Звук: mp3 [320 kbps]
Размер: 147.70 Мб

1. "The Sermon"
2. "Hump Bounce"
3. "Not Gonna Hold On"
4. "You Remind Me Of Something"
5. "Step In My Room"
6. "Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby..."
7. "(You To Be) Be Happy" (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.)
8. "Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)" (featuring The Isley Brothers)
9. "I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)"
10. "Thank God It's Friday"
11. "Love Is On The Way"
12. "Heaven If You Hear Me"
13. "Religious Love"
14. "Tempo Slow"
15. "As I Look Into My Life"
16. "Trade In My Life"

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