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R. Kelly - TP-2.Com
Категория: R, Альбомы
R. Kelly - TP-2.Com

Альбом: R. Kelly - TP-2.Com
Год выхода: 2000
Жанр: R&B, soul, hip hop
Звук: mp3 [320 kbps]
Размер: 182.66 Мб

1."TP-2" (2:18)
2."Strip for You" (4:09)
3."R&B Thug"
4."The Greatest Sex"
5."I Don't Mean It"
6."Just Like That"
7."Like a Real Freak" (feat. General)
8."Fiesta" (feat. Boo & Gotti)
9."Don't You Say No"
10."The Real R. Kelly (Interlude)"
11."One Me"
12."I Wish"
13."A Woman's Threat"
14."I Decided"
15."I Mean (I Don't Mean It)"
16."I Wish - Remix (To the Homies That We Lost)" (feat. Boo & Gotti)
17."All I Really Want"
18."Feelin' On Yo Booty"
19."The Storm is Over Now"

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