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R. Kelly - R
Категория: R, Альбомы
R. Kelly  - R

Альбом: R. Kelly - R
Год выхода: 1998
Жанр: R&B, soul, hip hop
Звук: mp3 [320 kbps]
Размер: 305.47 Мб

Disc One: The Show
1."Home Alone" (featuring Keith Murray & Kelly Price)
2."Spendin' Money" (featuring Kelly Price)
3."If I'm Wit You" (Co-Produced by Tone & Poke for Trackmasters Ent.)
4."Half on a Baby"
5."When a Woman's Fed Up"
6."Get Up on a Room" (featuring Sparkle)
7."One Man"
8."We Ride" (featuring Cam'ron, Noreaga, Jay-Z & Vegas Cats)
9."The Opera"
10."The Interview" (featuring Suzanne LeMignot)
11."Only the Loot Can Make Me Happy" (featuring Tone)
12."Don't Put Me Out"
15."If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time" (featuring Sparkle)
16."What I Feel/Issues"
17."I Believe I Can Fly" (International Release)

Disc Two: The After-Party/The Hotel
1."The Chase"
2."V.I.P." (R. Kelly, Dalvin Degrate, DeVante Swing)
3."Did You Ever Think" (featuring Tone)
4."Dollar Bill" (featuring Foxy Brown, Sparkle, Cynthia Jernigan & Tone)
6."2nd Kelly"
7."Ghetto Queen" (featuring Crucial Conflict)
8."Down Low Double Life"
9."Looking for Love"
10."Dancing With a Rich Man"
11."I'm Your Angel" (Duet with Céline Dion)
12."Money Makes the World Go Round" (featuring Nas & Kelly Price)
13."I Believe I Can Fly" (US Release) / "Gotham City" (International Release)

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