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Witchblade the Music
Категория: W, Альбомы
Witchblade the Music

Альбом: Witchblade the Music
Год выхода: 2004
Жанр: Rock music
Звук: .m4a [256 kb/s]
Размер: 103.91 Мб

1."Cry Little Sister (remix)" by G Tom Mac aka Gerard McMann – 3:57
2."Sarah" by Grant-Lee Phillips – 3:54
3."Child of Mine" by Roger Daltrey feat. G TOM MAC – 4:15
4."Dark Angel" by Essence – 4:14
5."Wicked Town" by One Live Dog – 3:43
6."Don't Fear the Reaper" by Accidental Tears – 4:54
7."Built to Survive" by Suicidal Tendencies – 3:06
8."Bombshell" by Adrianne Gonzalez – 3:30
9."Runaway" by Bret 'Epic' Mazur – 3:16
10."Falling Away" by The Like – 3:52
11."Greater Powers" by G TOM MAC – 4:18 (previously unreleased)
12."Drop Dead Pretty" by Swan Montgomery – 3:20
13."Child (Your Blood and Mine)" by Flesh – 4:24
14."Was It Magic" by G TOM MAC – 3:28 (previously unreleased)

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